Friday, 21 June 2013

A Morning Walk Through Havana

This morning, despite my well known hate for waking up early, I went for a walk through the city at 6:30 with my camera. Everyday morning when Kat and I take the bus to work I see things out the window I want to photograph but never have the time to. Today, since we didn't have to be in class until 10am, I finally had the morning to walk down our regular bus route and get pictures of the city in the morning light. (If I haven't mentioned it before, every Friday Kat and I sit down with some of our professors from the past semester and talk about our experiences on the organopónico). At 6:30 the majority of the city is still sleeping and the streets are relatively quite, which is a little odd for Havana. My walk ended up being two hours but was incredibly relaxing. I won't upload all the photos I took since there are way too many, but here's a sample of what Havana looks like early in the morning:

I've never seen calle Reina so quiet (Reina means queen)


I see these guys fishing everyday when Kat and I are on the bus. Finally got a photo.

Something tells me the scaffolding has been there a while.

I really love some of the street art here

Calle Prado without any people

"Fieles a nuestra Historia" or True to our History

"Me Gusta Cuba"

The Malecon in the morning light

CDR's (Committees for the Defence of the Revolution) 

Finally back to our home street after 2 hours

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